Sunday, April 30, 2006

Updated Happenings

Hey look it has been almost a month since my last post. People have been giving me a hard time for not posting. I just haven't been in the mood. But now here it is folks... My Post!!!

Update 1: I now get Panera Bread for my program on Sunday night which allows me leave 45 minutes early on Monday. I have not really enjoyed this responsibility Sundays but sure love Mondays now.

Update 2: I'm starting a new diet. Well actually I am only half way starting it until May 8th. It's a no carb, NO CHEESE :-( , high protein, high vegetable, and grapefruit diet. I've gained about 30lbs since I've started working at the program which is really starting to freak me out. I can't gain my weight back. It's time to start pulling out some of my old hard core behaviors. I'm not really doing it for appearance, although that is a small part of it. I want to have more energy, do things better, and wear the close that I want. I often preach against diets and talk about portion control and exercise. I still believe that's the best way to go. This is just to get me started on living a more disciplined life.

Update 3: I've been somewhat sad this past week. I'm much better now. Nothing was really on my mind. I was just depressing. I know I can only go so far when I give of myself. Work, friends, and family take a lot out of me sometimes. I need to be refilled. I felt like everybody I knew was either too sick, stressed, didn't care, or all of the above to listen what I had to say. I kept telling myself not to be selfish. I don't know why I let that get started. I know God cares about all our needs and I have really great friends.

Update 4: I'm really excited about the new Charleston class I'm taking. In the first class they reviewed Charleston one and I learned so much about frame and footwork. I think it's going to be awesome!!!

It's time for me to pick up the bread. I'll try to post more often.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

"Movie... What's that?"

Eric and I went to see the "Magnificent Desolation" at the IMAX today. It was really good. I love seeing things in 3D. Eric said that people would never believe that he went to a movie. I have PROOF. . . he he he.