Sunday, July 30, 2006

Fun, Fun, Fun

What a fun night!!! Some old friends came over from Iowa. We had dinner at Olive Garden and then came over to play cards. Some of them stayed over until 3:15am. I hope they are getting home safely. I'm really tired and can't really get into the details. Maybe some of the other people will blog about it. hint hint. Goodnight.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Late Night Snack

I just downed a crunch rap. Taco Bell is quickly becoming a Friday night tradition for me. I want it so bad after dancing several hours. Actually I don't even think it has anything to do with dancing. Friday nights are the one night where I stay out past midnight and Mexican food just has so much flavor at that time of the day.
I used to eat Mexican food late all time. My brother is the best chef of Mexican food I know. He used to get into these cooking frenzies around 2am. I didn't get much sleep during that time but there was no way I was going to miss his creations. He didn't ever use a recipe. He just followed his gut and it was wonderful. It was such a trill to have him make me something. Taco Bell doesn't really have the same effect but at least it gives me a hint to what once was.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Eric!

Eric "Onion Beard" celebrated his birthday at Troy and Mae's last night. It was a pirate theme. Arrrr!

Monday, July 17, 2006

The Two Worlds Collide

Some of the Jitterbugs came to the program today. It was so awesome!! We had about 10 people counting me. The participants and staff absolutely LOVED IT! After they left, all I heard the rest of the day was how great everybody was. Some of the them got a little confused when I said they had jobs. They thought they were professional dancers that did that for a living.
It was also great that my friends saw where I worked. I enjoyed introducing them to a couple of my co-workers.
I think I need to do this again.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

News since Tuesday

It was my turn to lead the staff weight and wellness group yesterday. I talked about the health benefits of dancing and taught my co-workers how to dance. We just did the basic east coast swing but I think they really enjoyed it. It was a chance for me to practice my leading skills which turned out okay. Maybe they'll join in on Monday.
I have found an amazing knew drug that helps me feel better. Well it's not really a drug but a vitamin. I took it sporadically a couple months ago but on Tuesday I started taking it every day. I haven't been eating much meat so I decided to get some iron. It has actually improved my mood. It's very frustrating to have nothing really wrong with you but still feel like crap emotionally. I haven't felt like crap since Monday. This is great! Why didn't I do this earlier? Oh well.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Alright I have 10 minutes and 20 seconds of computer time left and want to see how much I could right. I'm getting really excited about this coming Monday. The participants have been excited about the Jitterbugs coming but now the staff are getting excited about it to. I talk about people at JNO all the time (all good stuff). I think they want to put faces to my descriptions. I got 10 so far. It's going to be awesome!!! I just picked up a great hit vocals of the Big Band Years to get them in the mood.
5 more minutes. What else can I say? I should leave time for spell check so I guess that's all I'm going to say for now.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

I know almost nothing about cars. If my car holds 15 gallons of gas, how come I just filled 15.06 gallons of that?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

4th of July Recap

I usually try to get something posted on holidays but it didn't work out this time. I hope everybody had a good 4th of July. Mine was a good one. I marched with the Jitterbugs in the parade. I think I enjoyed the one yesterday better then the Juneteeth. This one was shorter and the crowd was more pleasant and spirit filled.

When I started walking back to my car I noticed a strange thing hanging from my YMCA tag. The tag has been hanging on my rear view mirror for several years now but this time it had my agency bag connected to the bottom of it. I thought it was strange but I knew I had some friends in the restaurant I was at. I thought they might know something so I went and asked them about it. They didn't know anything. I went out to my car again and started to get ready to go and I noticed that my toy bear was connected to my shifter. When I turned my car on the wipers started going and the fan was on full blast. When I was about half way down the road I noticed they had turned the heat on full blast as well. I was trying to figure what happened since I was one of the first people back. I determined that the only logical explanation for all of this is that I have a secrete admirer. I know how intimidating I can be and this was the only way they could show there feelings for me. This just isn't the way to my heart. If they would just confess there love for me it would be so much easier.

After the hi-jinx of love I went to my parent's house for the rest of night. At first I wanted to hang out with a group of people but once the night came I just wanted to be with family. My dad picked up the 3 fireworks that I grew up with. It just wouldn't be the same with out ground flowers, fountains, and sparklers. In California anything else was illegal. When I left my mom apologized for the night's lack of excitement but it actually brought a bit of childhood back. I wouldn't have enjoyed anything more.

Except for the identity of my secrete admirer.

Monday, July 03, 2006

I just got done watching my second scary movie in a week. I don't like scary movies and got to stop doing this to myself.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Another Late One

I just got back from quit a busy night. I started out by going to a birthday party. One of my co-workers turned 30 yesterday. She had some great food including some of the tastiest brisket I've ever had. The party is probably still going on even though it's almost 2am. After an hour and a half I went down to Shakespeare on the Green to see Antony and Cleopatra. I liked the play because it was Shakespeare but for some reason I had a hard time following it. It jumped around very quickly and even though I'm familiar with Antony and Cleopatra, I don't know it as well as his other plays. One of the reasons I love Shakespeare however is that he shows how human people are and this play did that. I'm still glad I went.
When the play was over I went to an ice cream shop with some of the people I was with. Then we walked through the old market and some Con Agra sprinklers. It was great getting to know people. We ended up walking all over the river front for over an hour. As far as I know I think the river front is the most romantic place in down town. I love the history and how peaceful it is there. Some day I'm going to go on one of the boats.
I think I want some sleep now.