Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!


I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt proposed to me this afternoon!! I was completely surprised. This is how it happened. Matt told me yesterday that he lost his thumb drive. He asked me today if we could go down to the Eagles Lodge to look since he wasn't able to find it in his car. We went down there and looked around. After awhile he tossed his thumb drive on the table and said I didn't loose anything. He then took out two speakers and said he reserved the place until 4 o'clock so we could dance. We dance 3 songs. The first one was Unchanged Melody. The second was The Time of My Life from dirty dancing and the third was Let's Call the Hole Thing Off. After having fun goofing off and dancing the them to Ghost came on and Matt and I were standing in the spot where he first asked me to dance. He said; do you know what this place is. I replied it's where you first asked me to dance. He said yes and now I need to ask you another question. He got down on one knee and said Vivian for last year you have been the light of my life and now it's my turn to ask you do you want to make it official, Vivian Marie Taber will you marry me. Then I said Yeaaah!!!!!!!!!!