Tuesday, November 29, 2005

New Job

I was given my 6th month review and found out I've been doing pretty well. My area of improvement "could be serving lunch a bit more neatly" which I actually found to be a little entertaining. I was very excited to here what my job will be doing starting in December. Since I've started I haven't had a place were I fit in. I kept changing case loads. I covered for a couple people on maternity leave and one that quit. Now that I have know one left to cover for they are giving me all the new participants that come into the program. Which IS AWESOME!!!! I'll be working with people in day services as well as the mental health side. I'll get them initiated into the program and then after 30 days they will be assigned to another staff. I was a little disappointed that I would only chart on them temporally but it's okay. I love new people. One of my favorite things to do is make a new person feel welcome. I love to talk to them. People would be so much happier if they would forget about themselves and just listen to somebody. Why are people so afraid to get into someone's life? I knew vaguely the story of one of the Katrina victims at the program. I would talk with her casually. I played an album one time and she told me that she had it at home (New Orleans). That triggered some emotions in me but I still didn't take time to get know what happened. I don't know what my reason was. Maybe I thought I was too busy. Today I sat down with her and ask about Thanksgiving. She said it was good but she missed being with her family. The conversation went on. It eventually got to the part were she had to sit on her kitchen counter for 14 days, eat out of cans, and drink the contaminated water. She talked about the pictures that she lost the loved ones that got out of New Orleans but she didn't know were they were. It wasn't fun for me to here that stuff. It was sad. However she needed to talk about it and I needed to listen to her. She gave me another example of hope. Hope brings perseverance and then eventually joy. I don't know why I got of on this. I think I need to say however that rather then just think or talk about an issue in society, think about what you can do in the hear and now. Listening to somebody.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

The Christmas season has officially started for me. Jenny and I just put up our Christmas tree. First tree as someone on my own. This was the first real Christmas tree I've had in 7 years. I'm really enjoying the smell. It is a Colorado Spruce. It looks great but the needles hurt like heck. I will need to wear long sleeves and gloves to put the ornaments on. Jenny says she wants a star on top so we will haved to find one. I think I would like a star to.

Saturday, November 26, 2005


This is Diggy. He is another one of my birds but unfortunately he doesn't live with me anymore. I left him at my parent's house because he needs a lot of TLC. He says things like "Diggy pretty birdie", "Come here", "Give me Kiss", " I love you", "Shack Shack Shack, Shack Your butte", "Good Bye", and whistles the theme to Andy Griffith. He is the most loving of the bunch.


This is Baby aka Babo. He is Flapper's roommate. I'm not sure how old he is because he was given to me by a friend of mine back in high school. He is higher up on the pecking order when it comes to interacting with Flapper. Sometimes I call him Babo the Bully Bird.


This is one of my birds Flapper. He was born august 3rd 1991 to a Fussy and Birda Cockoteal. One of his favorite things to do is look at himself in the mirror and whistle. This is what he is demonstrating at the moment. He also likes to have his neck rubbed and walk around the apartment to see what trouble he can get into.

Happy Thanksgiving

It was a nice Thanksgiving two days ago. The night before I saw 5 people from my program at Feed the Multitudes. That was awesome. Thankfulness is an attitude I try to have as often as I can. I'm thankful for many many things God has given me and the people I love. This year I think I was mostly thankful for my friends and the day. Thanksgiving day some friends came over. We played cards, danced in the living room, talked and goofed off. I think the main thing I was thankful for was seeing my parents so happy. They really enjoyed my friends and I interacting. My mom would always tell me stories off when they were younger and they would put on parties and go to events. They would go out dancing. People viewed my dad as the life of the party. Since my dad has gotten sick and my mom's heart is bad however; it's hard for them to handle anything. I think the day brought back some memories for them. After people left my dad had to call and tell people what they did. Thank you.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I have a complaint

Okay on Sunday morning I was on my way to a friend's house. When I was getting of the interstate at 102nd street my breaks failed and I rammed myself right into a curb. It smashed up the wheel pretty bad but it was still drivable. Later I took it down to Firestone. I found out that my rotors were completely shot in back and all four off my tires needed new break pads. I already new that I was going to need a new tire rim, alignment, and breakflush. I seem to remember however; that I got new breaks and rotors October of 2004 and new break pads 6 months ago. Shouldn't rotors last a little bit longer then that. I don't know too much about cars but I really do think they should last longer. The problem is I have 3 companies involved in this issue so I don't know who cheated me. I'm a little mad. I have some things to be thankful for however. There was knowbody in front of me when it happened, I still have a car, my life, and a great mom who took me to work the next day. So that's enouph complaining.

On another note. It's been really interesting at work the last couple of days. I think the hardest part of my job is that I haved to remain professional. Almost everybody there is doing absolutely nothing for Thanksgiving. They want to do something but they might not have family in the area, they don't drive anymore so they can't go to a community event. For most of them the program is there only social outlet. I wish I could just grab them all and take them to my house. Tonight there is feed the multitudes at Bellevue Christian Center. We are going to feed thousands of people Thanksgiving dinner tonight. Busses are going to be driving around and picking people up. I'm hoping to see some of them. That would be encouraging.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

It's been awhile

It's been almost a month since I've been able to come down here and do the blog thing. So many cool things have been going on and I wish I had time to talk about. I am also partually functioning on 3 hours of sleep and just don't have the energy at the moment. I just wanted to say that I think things are going well with my appartment. I really like it there. I feel different. I think this new life is going to help me speak my mind more. I hate confrontation with a passion but have had deal with it a few times the last couple of weeks. I'm planning on dealing with it again this week just as soon as I get up nerve. That's all I'm going to say for now.